Monday, February 28, 2011

Nettie's Block | February

{ Bee } Imaginative | February

Thanks for giving us such a fun challenge this month, Nettie! Your inspiration photo was priceless. I took the mash-up of the rainbow colors surrounded by grey from that photo, and wound up with this block.

I added in a few prints, all from the new oliver + s Modern Workshop line. The focus on primary colors and subtle modern prints really made it a good match with your selections. I tried to mirror the rainbow color placement on the diagonal -- from the top left (red) to the bottom right (purple). And I really wanted big fat dark grey solid borders around most of the block to set the colored patch off from surrounding blocks.

I hope that, within the larger quilt top, this little patch of wonky squares will be a fun pop of color. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!


  1. i love it john, it's perfect, adn I love hearing your thought process.

  2. Does your group ever allow new members?


  3. Your wonky squares are adorable. Love your use of color too.