Monday, October 18, 2010

Catching up!

So it's about time that I catch up here ... not in making the blocks, because I've managed not to fall behind ... but getting over here to blog about the blocks in a timely manner seems to have fallen to the wayside. Sorry about that! The bright side is that I can write a post with not one but THREE pictures of blocks for my talented group members!

Here are two July blocks for Ryan, who sent out a selection of red & aqua fabrics and asked for asterisk blocks:

{Bee} Imaginative for Ryan

Here's the block I made for Kate back in August. Kate asked for 15.5" square-in-square blocks that she is going to cut into quarters, and rearrange everyone's blocks into wonky bento box blocks:

{Bee} Imaginative | August

And, most recently, I made this block for Elizabeth, whose month was September and requested blocks made with wonky, improv piecing:

{Bee} Imaginative | September

Now, onto October and Alissa's block!

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