Monday, June 7, 2010

Amanda's geese

Bee Imaginative | May

I recently completed and sent Amanda's flying geese block. Now, I've swapped with Amanda before so I know I shouldn't have been surprised ... but dang, can this woman put together some amazing fabric combinations. When it comes to an eye for color and design, some people just have it. Amanda has it for sure.

Anyhow, once I finished ogling and fondling her selection of fabrics, I had to decide on a design. When it comes to flying geese, I really only know how to make one size -- 4.5" x 2.5" -- so that was a given. I have a "go to" brick-style block for when I want to make something simple but effective (see an example here), so I started there. I decided to use the little square spots to highlight some fussy cutting, and I was excited to use some of my new quilt market purchases (the Far Far Away 2 moons and a vintage feedsack print) in the block.

Hope you like it, Amanda ... I think your final quilt is going to be amazing.

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  1. Those are such creative geese! I'm sure she'll love it!