Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wonky Improv...

I'm always a little freaked out when I have to make wonky blocks! It's all those angles and not being able to really 'map' out what I am going to make. Once I get into the flow of things though I start to enjoy the process a little more.

Julie requested wonky, improv blocks measuring anywhere between 14" - 16". These two blocks measure 14" square.

Hope you like them Julie!


  1. wonky intimidates me for some reason, but I love the look!

  2. i love them kate! i really like how you used just the green & lighter fabrics in the second block.. i never would have thought of that!

  3. I love the second block! I like wonky because it lets each fabric motif dictate how big of an area it needs to show off to its best.

  4. these look terrific Kate!! jeeze... i have been out of it... i can't believe i missed these!!


  5. they're both great but I LOVE, LOVE the second one!