Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get Wonky for Julie

My blocks for Julie are done and dusted.  The snappy turnaround is more in desperate need to keep my head above water rather than efficiency.

This is not my usual style of piecing and the call to "get wonky" was heard, but more often than not the ruler took charge to square things up a little.

I did enjoy stepping outside of my comfort zone and even found it liberating, piecing without plan or pre-conceived ideas.  

In fact, give me "wonky" and "improvisational" before embroidery and applique anytime.

Thanks for the challenge Julie - love your choice of fabrics by the way -  I hope you can use these blocks for your quilt.


  1. of course I can use these blocks! plus.. I really do like them!

  2. You crack me up Rita!! Your blocks look great!! ;)