Monday, March 29, 2010

2 More Blocks for Julie

Two more blocks on their way just in the nick of time! Hope they work for you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big Blocks for the J-Bird

Here are my two big blocks for Julie. The fabrics were beautiful and a lot of fun to work with. Of course, making improv blocks like this is always a fun way to spend some time!

{Bee} Imaginative Blocks for Julie

As Ashley's already mentioned, that solid blue was such a nice (& different) texture to work with. I think it will be great in your final quilt.

{Bee} Imaginative Block #1 for Julie

These blocks finished out at about 14.5" and 15.5" (if I am remembering correctly -- they're already back home with you, I believe!)

{Bee} Imaginative Block #2 for Julie

Hope you like 'em! Can't wait to see your finished quilt. It should be magnificent!

drunk love in april

I tried my hardest to get away from the square-in-square design, but I just kept coming back to it! It's one of my favorites, and even though many of you have made these blocks (either recently for another quilting bee, or for my month for Block Party), I hope you won't mind making some more!

Last time I went with a scrappy look, so this time I've selected a specific color palette of purple, gray and green. I don't typically use purple, so this will be a nice little change! Here's some more info...

What size quilt block do you want your bee partners to make? It would be great if you could make blocks that are 13.5"

Can your partners use any of his/her own stash fabric to use in your quilt block? If so, are there any limitations?
I've selected all one-color fabrics for the greens, purples, and grays, with the exception of one multi-colored print. Please feel free to add fabrics that fit, but please do not add in any other prints with multiple colors.

Is there a specific color of thread (white/off white) you want your partners to sew with?
Whatever you typically use!

Does your partners have to use at least a little bit of every fabric you send or can your partners decide?
I've sent lots of fabric so you can feel free to decide which ones you want to use. I'm sending one multi-colored floral print and I'd love it if you'd include at least a small piece of it in each block.

Also, I added a white solid to some of the packages (please don't add white if I didn't send it to you). I'm not using sashing, so if I sent you white, feel free to use it for the outermost ring if you'd like.

Do you have a general theme or is it up to your partners to decide? Are there any specific themes that you do NOT want in your quilt block? Likes/dislikes?. I'd like blocks in the style of Denyse Schmidt's Drunk Love (inspiration photos are below). I like simple, clean blocks (less is more) Wonky or straight is just fine. I love to see everyone's style come through with this type of block!

Will you allow any embellishments on the quilt block (i.e. embroidery, raised items such as yo-yos or fabric origami)?
Please do not add any embellishments

Can you link us to any flickr photos that you would like us to use as inspiration for your quilt block? Here are a few of my favorites:

Denyse Schmidt Drunk Love
Denyse Schmidt Summer in Maine
Oh, Fransson!
drury girl
block party quilt blocks

If your partners are super motivated and are able to make two blocks out of the fabric you send, would you accept more than one block from your partners? Of course!!

Do you want your partners to return any leftover larger size scraps to you when they return the completed blocks or can they keep them for their own scrap stash? It would be great if you'd return the extras - I'm going to make a few more blocks to add to the quilt!

Let me know if there are any questions! Fabric will be in the mail tomorrow!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Slightly wonky for Julie

Great colors Julie! I really love the texture on the blue solid, so I used a lot of it in this block. I realized after the fact that it's maybe not quite as wonky as you were looking for, but hopefully slightly wonky will work! :)

I'm swamped with work at the moment, so I only managed one... (maybe I'll send you some extra fabric to make up for only doing one!)

Impov for Miss Julie!!

here's my blocks for ya Julie!! hope you like them... i added in a touch of orange kona to give them a little punch! ;) i'll be sending them your way next week!

each is 14" square

xo, heather

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wonky Improv...

I'm always a little freaked out when I have to make wonky blocks! It's all those angles and not being able to really 'map' out what I am going to make. Once I get into the flow of things though I start to enjoy the process a little more.

Julie requested wonky, improv blocks measuring anywhere between 14" - 16". These two blocks measure 14" square.

Hope you like them Julie!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

For Julie!

Was really great to work with these fabrics! Wonky log cabins are always right in my comfort zone - so much fun to make!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

block for julie

loved the fabric julie, hope you like it. I shipped it last week, so it should arrive any time.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

For Julie

I'm in the same mode as Rita...simply trying to keep my head above water. Julie, here are your blocks. Thanks so much for letting me work with fabric that I love. I tried to keep it simple. You should have them already. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get Wonky for Julie

My blocks for Julie are done and dusted.  The snappy turnaround is more in desperate need to keep my head above water rather than efficiency.

This is not my usual style of piecing and the call to "get wonky" was heard, but more often than not the ruler took charge to square things up a little.

I did enjoy stepping outside of my comfort zone and even found it liberating, piecing without plan or pre-conceived ideas.  

In fact, give me "wonky" and "improvisational" before embroidery and applique anytime.

Thanks for the challenge Julie - love your choice of fabrics by the way -  I hope you can use these blocks for your quilt.

Monday, March 1, 2010

johns dear jane blocks!

I was down to the wire, but got Johns bee blocks done this week-end! It was sew much fun working with the lush, as it was my first time. :)

I hope you like your blocks, John!