Tuesday, February 23, 2010

march - get wonky.

so i took all this fabric

and cut it up....
and sent it out to all of you yesterday...

my inspiration...
is none other than our own alissa.
and this quilt
{which i know a few of you had a part in}

instead of trying to give you directions
without copying hers.

i added details in with your package.
you can add fabric if you think you have something that works
just please don't add any solid white or solid black

a few more inspiration blocks from flickr


  1. i love the anticipation before the fabric's sent ... and then as I get to see the blocks on different people's blogs. because i love your choices in fabric and quilt style

  2. those fabrics will look so great like this! What a perfect bee block.

  3. How fun! We have nearly the same colors and blocks for this month - yours wonky and mine not. I'll be interested to see how they all turn out!