Sunday, February 21, 2010

john's sampler of sorts

at first i was worried about this month.
so open ended...
but once i started.. i couldn't stop!

block 1.. a hexagon.. very true to my style.

block 2... a nine patch.
cause i think all samplers... or modern "dear jane" quilts
need a nine patch.

block 3... a off kilter square in a square
just cause ;-)

i added the teal leaves around the hexagon.
and i'm sending your scraps back.. but not many left!!

i hope you like them!


  1. Hi

    I'm sorry if I'm butting in on your bee blog but I have a request. In the beginning with the first block you showed questions asked about the block and so, that gave an extra dimension for me as an outside snooper, could you please keep adding that info as a kind of starter for each block/month?

    I think this is really interesting and I'm looking forward to following these quilts until they're all finished, I'm also following several of you on your own blogs which makes it a little extra special for me to follow. Thank you all for showing.


  2. Block 1 is the Dol Guldur block!:

  3. Just sensationaal! LOVE LOVE the hex block x

  4. no doubt Julie... just f a n t a s t i c !!!

  5. These rock so hard ... I love them all. Thanks!